Political Science Research Paper Topics

Most Useful Topics to Write a Great Political Science Research Paper Topic

Political Science can be defined as the field that deals with the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. Political science is a vast subject. So, working on it is very interesting and confusing at the same time.


It is very important to choose right Political Science Research Paper topics. These topics can be categorized in chronological order as well as on the basis of their relative importance to the current situation. Research topics are always tricky to choose. This is also true for political Science research topics. There are hundreds of topics regarding this subject. Historically speaking, political science dealt with; the analyses of political systems and their specific characteristics, the concept of the state and its constituting elements, relation of a particular state with other states, economy of a state and responsibilities of the state and its citizens.

Therefore, no matter on what level you are, it is not easy to choose a good research topic. As for as the subject is concerned, on most of the part, it is a theoretical science that depends heavily on empirical deductions and the modern approach to this science is more of empirical one than that of theoretical one. Though the latter, as a general rule almost always takes the front seat in this regard.


On first glance it looks very easy and simple to choose a Political Science topic but it is not simple. For example, comparative study of the prevailing political systems which is not simple, as this is a subject within subject. You would not be able to cover this subject in a whole book not to speak of in a research paper.so, whether you are choosing a Political Science Research Paper topic from classical theory of Political science or choosing it from current political affairs it would be imperative to choose more specific and concise topic that can be dealt with easily in a research paper. For example, instead of choosing role of media in a society it would be better option to narrow the topic making it more specific and limited to the role of media in fighting against terrorism.


Another thing that should be considered to make your research paper better is to choose only that topic in which you are interested.
Most common topics regarding classical theory are; comparative study of Marxism and Capitalism, character and role of state, electoral process, foreign policy and political economy etc. These topics should be avoided because these are mostly theoretical questions and you have to go through a lot of revision of the classical theory yet you would be unable to add something worth mentioning unless you are Einstein.so, it is advisable to choose current and relevant topics while choosing your Political Science Research Paper Topics.


Following tips can prove more than useful while choosing and working on Political Science research paper topic.
• Make your topic as narrow as possible.
• Write it in an interesting style without loosing coherence.
• Try to choose current and most relevant topics.
• Avoid classical topics as these are more boring and tough than current topics.
• Read extensively but use only the essence of your reading in your paper.
• Be focus on the topic only once you have carefully selected your Political Science Research Paper topic.
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