5 Page Research Paper

5 Page Research Paper

How To Write 5 Page Research Papers

A 5 page research paper provides a good practice for future term papers or a junior research paper. These research papers come in a logical order. You have to write a lot of 5 page research papers during college studies. It is true that a 5 page research paper does not provide enough space to elaborate on a general idea. However, you can work on some more specific topics or ideas. There are few important things to do before writing a 5 page research paper.

  • How to choose a reasonable topic

As discussed earlier, 5 page research papers provide sufficient space only for more specific topics. It is, therefore, advisable to choose a specific topic for your research paper. In this way, you will be able to discuss your topic from all angles and aspects and you will also be able to conclude it within the permissible space.

  • How to construct 5 page research papers

Research papers, generally speaking, are written upon common topics and ideas. Therefore, there is little margin for writing something new or revealing about the topic. However, a research paper can be made impressive with the help of a different style, unique presentation of ideas and scientific approach. A research paper is all about description. It is better to start a research paper with a thesis statement or a short descriptive introduction of your topic as should be the case with an art research paper. But, as a general rule, it is always better to draft an outline before writing a research paper on a specific topic. An outline must comprise of all the main points. These points should be discussed, in detail, in the main body or central part of the research paper. It is not very difficult to write a 5 page research paper.

It can be managed rather easily by considering some points given hereunder that would be very helpful in dealing with 5 page research papers.

  • Some useful points for writing a research paper

• Always choose more specific topic for your research paper.
• Use APA citation style for your research paper.
• Do needful brain storming before writing.
• Be neutral and scientific in your approach as should be the case with a Down Syndrome research paper.
• Always use simple language.
• Write short sentences.
• Try to present a common idea in a different and interesting style.
• Be coherent and logical in your discussion about ideas.
• Write in accordance with the instruction given by your instructor.
• After completion, read your research paper twice to avoid all sorts of mistakes.

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