Critical Research Paper

Useful Tips for Writing Winning Critical Research Papers

Writing a research paper is always a tough task but it gets even tougher when it comes to writing a Critical Research Paper . Every research paper requires a lot of readings and necessary information but a critical research paper requires something more. It requires a lot of readings with an analytical and critical approach on a specific topic. Critical research paper is assigned to assess your ability in evaluating a specific topic by discussing it thoroughly from all angles. It is also a good tool for students to assess themselves.

Myth Surrounding a Critical Research Paper

It is believed that writing a critical research paper is very difficult task. However, it is a very interesting and challenging task. It not only broadens your point of view but also enhances your knowledge and ability of critical analysis. To some extent it is true that writing critical research paper demands a lot of study and appropriate knowledge but once you have gone through a good deal of readings, it becomes interesting to write a critical research paper. You can easily write your research paper by following some useful tips and adopting a simple procedure given below.

General Requirements for writing Critical Research Papers

1. Familiarity with the topic: – The topic for your critical research paper is very important and should be chosen carefully. As you are required to critically analyze the topic so, you must be familiar with the topic.
2. Knowledge about the topic:- You have to do proper study of the topic to acquire a good deal of knowledge about different arguments on the subject of your research paper. You can not write a critical research paper based on your opinion only. You are supposed to be discussing your subject from all angles by presenting suitable arguments about the subject, analyzing each argument and discrediting less important or unlikely opinions.
3. Outline:- Outline is always helpful in the evaluation of any research paper  but this is even more true for a Critical Research Paper .Draft an outline for your research paper having introduction, main body and summary. Introduce your subject and frame main body for your research paper including all relevant arguments. In the end, summarize your research paper by elaborating on important arguments.

Useful Tips for Critical Research Paper

• Choose an easy and familiar topic on which you can find proper writings by different authors.
• Draft an outline and then write accordingly.
• Use simple language with interesting style.
• Try to be innovative and creative in your approach without losing your focus.
• Quote correctly by giving right references.
• Try to discuss your topic from all possible angles and dimensions.
• After writing your critical research paper, read it twice to make sure that you have written an orderly and thought provoking research paper.

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