Diabetes Research Paper

Simple Way Of Writing Diabetes Research Papers

We celebrate 14th November as the world day for awareness against Diabetes. This reflects that diabetes is a commonplace disease prevailing in all countries over the world to the extent that after every 10 seconds a person dies of Diabetes. So, if you are required to write a diabetes research paper then you are up for an interesting task. Being Biology related topic, diabetes research paper should be approached like breast cancer research paper.

If you are asked to write a short paper then it is better to discuss reasons of this disease or effects of this disease or the means of controlling diabetes.

But if you are required to write in general then you should approach it in the same way by drafting an outline li just like you would do in cloning research paper. You must split your paper by discussing the following parts.

  • IntroductionDescribe the diabetes briefly. The disease caused by dysfunction of Insulin, a hormone that helps cells in taking up Glucose from bloodstream. Cells use this Glucose to produce energy. In this disease human body generate less or no Insulin altogether.
  • Symptoms of the diseaseIt is good to discuss symptoms of diabetes in the diabetes research papers . General symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, tiredness, weakness and weight loss. Initially there are no obvious symptoms but with the increase in sugar level, all sorts of symptoms keep sneaking in.
  • Types of DiabetesElaborate on TYPE 1, TYPE 2 and Gestational Diabetes. In TYPE 1 Diabetics their immune systems attack and destroy Insulin. This is commonly found in young ones who are 1 year to 30 years old. Daily injections of Insulin are a must in this type of Diabetes. TYPE 2 generally occurs in elderly people. Gestational Diabetes happens to some women during their pregnancy and often goes off after the delivery of baby.
  • CausesDiscuss various causes of diabetes in your diabetes research paper . TYPE 1 is caused by heredity and the responsible gene is discovered to be carried by chromosome 6. In fact, all types of diabetes is more or less caused by heredity factor, however, it is very difficult to pin point exact gene for TYPE 2 as effected genes vary from person to person. The other reasons for diabetes are obesity, acute tension, improper diet and hormonal disorder.
  • Cure or controlDiscuss in diabetes research papers how diabetes can be cured, controlled or prevented and same thing should be discussed in your research paper. Diabetes has no cure till date. It can be controlled by taking Insulin, changing diet habits and regular exercise. Insulin in-take is necessary in all types of diabetes. It is not fatal disease if detected.
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